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This is the pixel-art font from 0x72's DungeonUI converted into TrueType font with added characters. Any feedback and character or language requests are welcome.

Alphabets: English, Turkish

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TagsFonts, Pixel Art, ttf, User Interface (UI)
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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DungeonFont.ttf 38 kB


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Hello, what is the license?


CC0 as listed




First of all, congratulations for the Font Pack, it's very good.

I've created a hack n slash/action/casual game in my spare time called Medieval Chaos using  this font and I just released it on Google Play (for now Android only, but iOS is on the way :) ). The idea is to keep it as an indie game that I will always evolve with new features. I hope you like it, but all feedback is welcome. Follow the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mileoio.medieval_chaos

I left a reference to you and the asset page on the credits screen, within the options menu.


Hey, very nice font, i like it! Are there any licence information available on how i can use it? :)


I recommend you to add ttf tag


Hi thanks for doing this. Just a post to say I've used this in a little demo I've made: https://ringot.itch.io/backtothedark


unique and cool, used in my 3d game


Amazing Font, btw i use this font for my game


Thank you very much

This game looks really cool, but is impossible to play (or do I just suck?)


This is a great font, thanks! I used it in my submission to Mini Jam 98, feel free to check it out:


(I gave both you and 0x72 credit)

Is there a way to split all the characters into seperate images?

I think there are converters online. If not, you can check https://0x72.itch.io/dungeonui


This is great! Thanks!

Thank you antikx!


Beautiful font, great work. Thanks


This font is super clean. Very well done. Im just a beginner and i used it in a game i just published called flappy forest (a flappy bird remake) Go check it out over at: https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/flappy-forest and drop a rating and comment :)

Hi! What is the native pt value for this font?

Deleted 3 years ago

hi! im trying to use your font on Unity's Textmeshpro. so i converted it to a  "SDF" (the format  textmeshpro uses) but for some reason i cant use signs like "?", "!" and so on.. 

does someone know how to fix it? or is it just not included in the font?

Nevermind. It seems the version i downloaded a while ago didnt had these signs but now that i downloaded it again, they are in!  

awesome work btw. 

may i ask what tool you used?


Glad to hear you're liking it and can't wait to see it in your game!

I used Aseprite and Inkscape to recreate the original .png images as .svg and draw more characters, icomoon.io to create a .ttf with them, and FontLab 7 to add kerning  and other font specifications and features (I tried 10+ other font editing software but none was close to FontLab 7).


looks great


this font deserves applause


Looks terrific!

free for commercial use?



This is excellent. Great work :D

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Glad to hear that you like it!